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insane in the membrain [entries|friends|calendar]
Hello Lovers

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[Mon,♥Nov 1st,

Yeah my day was cool i got braces on and crap and theni stayed homei didnt do any thing and then i went to pepbadn i got a ride with trevor and peter.Yeah it was fun i have some science due tommrow and report cards came today but i wasnt there so i didnt get mine.Oh well.Yeah well heres pic's i took from my day,i was bored.And i could'nt eat candy because of the braces.

Ahh here are some pics from my day.Collapse )

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[Fri,♥Oct 29th,

Look Mary  im as cool as you!!

Some how this convo started with the word penial.Buts its ot in there because i xed out then started to copy.And now im am the proud founder of the EVIL club.With Nick.

Korb rm: Ah really, im watching the spanish channel, with SUBTITLES!
Bem2010: haha
Bem2010: sounds fun!
Korb rm: its doesnt really help though
Bem2010: i doubt it
Korb rm: but if i read it, it sounds like i speak spanish
Korb rm: :-D
Bem2010: haha
Korb rm: Excpet its a soap so im probally talking about my boyfriend Jose who got shot while getting a girl pregant
Bem2010: hha
Bem2010: while eatting a burito
Korb rm: Yes, and chips
Korb rm: the big ones
Korb rm: not the puny ones
Bem2010: yeah
Korb rm: while smoking a cigar
Bem2010: while wearing a sumberio
Korb rm: and dancning to a mexican hat dancing tune
Korb rm: man this guy is talented
Bem2010: Yeahh!
Bem2010: haha
Korb rm: I dont even think i would be able to eat and dance
Korb rm: Jeepers
Bem2010: no not at the same time with a sumberio on
Korb rm: Does the sumberio help with ballence?
Bem2010: mabe i don't think so
Bem2010: maybe*
Korb rm: oh hmm
Bem2010: we should ask some one
Korb rm: We should
Bem2010: Bem2010: Does a sumberio help with balance?
Bem2010: you no that hat
  Sacaplaya131: lol
  Sacaplaya131: maybe
Korb rm: Korb rm: Do sumberios help ballence while dancing?
 Jóse: CI!
Bem2010: haha
Korb rm: well if he says so then it must be true
Bem2010: haha
Bem2010: I guesss it does
Korb rm:
Korb rm: Do sumberios help ballence while dancing?
   baytime88: wtf is a sumberio
Korb rm: umm that hat thing
   baytime88: i donno
Korb rm: i need an answer man
Korb rm: its a survey
Korb rm: umm just say yes

Bem2010: haha
Korb rm: he hasnt responded yet
Bem2010: haha
Bem2010: i just asked a couple of my friends
Korb rm: heh im asking them all
Bem2010: Bem2010:  Does a sumberio help with balance?you no the hat
  TLL7564: Sombrero?
Bem2010: yeah the mexican hat>
Bem2010: ?
  TLL7564: lol.
  TLL7564: I dont know.
  TLL7564: It wouldnt matter.
  TLL7564: The weight is still proportionate.
Bem2010: my friends a nerd
Korb rm: i wasjust informed its spelt sombreros
Bem2010: oh ok
Korb rm: HAH
Korb rm: why did i type that in all caps
Korb rm: Korb rm:  Do sumberios help ballence while dancing?
  freezerfrogs: i do not know.
Korb rm: i need a yes or no
  freezerfrogs: no
Bem2010: ha
Korb rm:
Korb rm:  Do sumberios help ballence while dancing?
  highGRAVElblind: Sumberios?
Korb rm: umm the hat things
  highGRAVElblind: Sombreros
  highGRAVElblind: =P
Korb rm: oh those
  highGRAVElblind: Heehee.
  highGRAVElblind: And the answer to your question: I don't know.
Korb rm: i need a yes or no
  highGRAVElblind: To help balance?  Umm, I will say no.
Bem2010: hum the world will never no
Korb rm: Nope
Korb rm: maybe one day
Bem2010: let me ask em
Korb rm: We shall have an EVIL fundraiser and take a trip to mexioc
Korb rm: and find out
Bem2010: Ahh i exd out what did you say?
  Hutch875: idk why that was a random question lol
Bem2010: haha me and my friend are having a survey we need a yes or no
  Hutch875: yes i guess sure why not lol
Korb rm: hah
Korb rm: We shall have an EVIL fundraiser and take a trip to mexcio and find out
Bem2010: I was going to past this convo on my xanga but i xed out send me it im going to ask this question to every one!
Bem2010: yes we shall
Korb rm: that good
Bem2010: yep!
Bem2010: ok my freind i was like wow how did you no that you no the one that was all mathmatical well look what he said
Bem2010: Bem2010: wow
  TLL7564: ?
Bem2010: thast just weid that you no that?
  TLL7564: It's common knowledge.....if the hats cut evenly its not weighing in more on one side than the other right?
  TLL7564: So it's really just adding weight.
  TLL7564: The weight might keep you down a little heavier which might help the balancing part but putting that aside no....it wouldn't really help but it wouldn't hurt.
Bem2010: NOw how are we going to do this fundraiser?
Korb rm: umm rob kids
Bem2010: instead of going to mexico we can buy a gaint sumbraio and fill itwith bean dip and what not and have chips to and stick it on our haeds and dace to see if it will work!
Korb rm: of their money and dignity
Korb rm: yes
Bem2010: so we will conquer the question
Bem2010: what was it again
Bem2010: ?
Korb rm: umm which question
Bem2010: the one we asked evey one
Korb rm: oh umm if a sumberio helps ballence while dancnign
Bem2010: oh yeah
Korb rm: ya

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[Tue,♥Oct 26th,
OK yeah i havent up dated in for ever,Yeah this weekedn was coool,Ashley it was aweomse.OK well friday wasnt cool and i was upset and Savannah and Kathy were nice to me and cheered me up.Saturday i went to Chamberlin and played the star spangled banner for the chamberlian marching invatitonal.<-yeah can't spell.But we went there and mr.C thought I should go get some stockings on 2 min before we play so i ran to Dailey's moms car and put the on and Ran not as fast as i could and should have and when i got on to the feild ithey were playing.Uhh,with out me and i aws upset and i thought my mom was mad at me but she was really mad at Mr. C.but after that we watched 3 bands play they were cool.And the bryan r came and ate lunch with us,Gaither wasnt there yet so it was just Bryan.yeah it was cool i wanted  one of the shirts but i didnt have money, i herd that Durant won all the trophies.Well this saturday were going back to play the SSb again and the french horns are in the middle of the whole band bacuse Mr.C felt bad.So im happy.Well sunday i went to Trevors party.That was awesome yeah we had teams and it was me Austin Johnny and bryan,we sucked really bad.We lost every game there was.Yeah we played soccer too that was funn.I domanted :) and then we play hit the balloon with a dart and i didnt win any thing stupid Peter wo like evry thing cool.Uhh he sucks,the Monday i ot spacers yuck i don't want them at alll they hurt like a mo, and i left school early becuase they hurt so bad and it sucked.They still hurt.I have to have them in intill next monday then  get braces.Yeah Ashley and Anthony are going out,like every ones pairing off what about me?!? And Savannah?What about uss?Im startnig a singles club!!yeah!hehe j/k j/k j/k j/k j/k j/k j/k.But yeah i hope this weekend will rock my sicks like last one did.Uhh i have to make up an experiment tommrow or thursday,and i have to sell tickets tommrow for the game so every one come and see me!!!yeahh im going to make 8 dollars!Go me ill be rich.
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[Wed,♥Oct 20th,
Wee i dont no what it is but its cool!!!
Wow i havent updated in forever,but what is there to write about?Nothing happened today.If you realy want to no go look at my xanga,I write in there everyday i think its better because it can have music.But i like the back round and shit in here.So i dont no and i don't feel lke typing 2 times a day every day.Not fun.So i went to soccer last night that was fun people no my name im so happy i made friends.We played a scramage against the parents and they were kicking are asses.We did do so well.But i still had funa nf thats all that madders.
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[Tue,♥Oct 12th,

Go join.
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[Sun,♥Oct 10th,

Yeah im bored and i still didnt so my scice i made a necklace tho, its hemp and awesome.Yeah i want some cake...peace.

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[Sun,♥Oct 10th,
Wow what a long weekend.I went to Kathy's and spent the nigh i love ehr house ,we were goign to go to the gaither game but we had no money.I feel bad tho because we made Ashley and Savannah go but Savannah had a good time,I don't think Ashley did.Yeah but anyway Kelsey went to home coming withsome of her friends,they went in this awesome limo,the they came back here at like 1 ad most went home a like 2 but Lauren brittany adn Amanda spent the night.today i spent time wth my mom,we went out fr like an hour and got some haloween stuff andd we got soem food for louis's Brthday.but it was fun.

♥ britt.
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[Thu,♥Oct 7th,

Girl: Slow down. Im scared.
Guy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not. Please, its too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
-=Girl hugs him=-
Guy: Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself? Its bugging me.

(In the paper the next day):

A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of brake failure. Two people were on it, but only one survived.
The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy had realized that his brakes broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him & felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live, even though it meant that he would die.

If there's anyone you love this much on here or in real life, re-post this.

Probably not true...BUT yeah!!

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[Wed,♥Oct 6th,
ok bad day.Im pissed at Ashley tc And Cody.there asses.Big Asses.To pisssed to type.
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[Sun,♥Oct 3rd,

Well i as looking threw an old  box full of notes adn i foud some thing that me and Lisa worte to each other as a joke...

  When you walked threw the door I nknew it was true because my eyes could'nt help starring at you witha smile so cute and a body so fine i knew i wanted you as mine.

   When i saw you at first, i wasnt so sure but now i know you are no bore.Every second i spend with you i know this is true.You are my better shorter half,and one day we should own a calf.I want you to know you have stolen my heart,and this kid i know, his middle name is bart.i will love you till the day i die , and if you ever leave me i think i might cry.One day i can only hope you will never think im a dope ,and me and you can be as gay as kelsey and renee, And frolick all day...every day...for teh rest of our young days.i love you forever and for always.

Yes thast what Lisa and  I worte to each other one day as a joke.it was funny at the time.Mine was kinda short.bt yeah oh i got a new computer and it is working great.yeah oh some of the other things i found in that box were oldd!Like one of the things sadi 145!!And brittany+5= ♥ . thast how old this notes were.yeah i went to kelsey's float meeting thingy it was boreing i slept in the car the whole time.Yeha well its october and i amsuprized this year has gone bye soo fast.And we had like a billion hurricanes, whiched sucked.but less school.Oh by the way: 09 rules oh kathy is gogin to come to my dads house she has too!MAn i havent talked to any one all weekend but Kathy And Ashley and Savannnah.But yeah im gogint o go to bed soccer starts tuesday!!Yesh!!Ican't wait!Whos the biggest lairs?women-When men lie its like "i was at kennys house",when women lie its like "its your baby!"man "It dont look noting like me",woman "yeah it does it has your hat."

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[Fri,♥Oct 1st,
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[Fri,♥Oct 1st,

Yeah happy October!Yeahhh!I forgot to tell every one!!!!!

Well yeah i got the highest score on my science test...go me!!And i got an A on my history project and i helped Jermey ask out AHsley but hes not goign to ask her till monday.yes good day My sister is at the gaither game and i hope Gaither wins.I can't sell tickets at the basket ball game becaused of some band crap that i dont want to do.Man Shannon got a job wow i cant belive it.Every ones changing for the better i guess,i for onr dont likr change but with out it were would we be?hum?But yeah whatever.

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[Thu,♥Sep 30th,
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...burn into my heart
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...encouraging
Your love is...one of a kind
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yeah well today was cool.Yeah i borught my video camera and showed Savannah's thing.I think i did good on my science test that i studied for once,and i have an a and L.A. and a B in math im bringing it up to an A.hopefullyly.The bus was funn!I lke nail Cliff(this kid that sucks)hwit pudding that pat told me to flick at him.Yeah this was the onnly night this week i didnt stay up till like 2 doing my project or worring about it im soo happy,Ashley and Jermey are going to go out!!!Yeahh now i have to find some one.Man,im hungry.I think im goign up to New jersey this winter,and i think im goign to try to snow board.i dont think ill be any good i mean i think i have good balance,but im not sure i can surf.Oh and im goign to madison this awesome town in NJ,i love it up there im gonig to libe up there.
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[Tue,♥Sep 28th,
Regrets suck i hate regreting things.If you feel the same way comment. ♥
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[Tue,♥Sep 28th,
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[Tue,♥Sep 28th,

Im Soooo BoredCollapse )

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[Mon,♥Sep 27th,

No school tommrow!

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[Sat,♥Sep 25th,

This man is walking the World for peace. Please pass him on so that he can reach his destination. Say a prayer for all the troops in Iraq, and in other was zones and then pass him on. This is really interesting how someone did this. He's walking around the world. Put this in your journal so he can finish walking around the world.
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[Sat,♥Sep 25th,
[ mood | curious ]

What Would You do if...
I cried:
I said I liked you:
I kissed you:
I was hospitalized:
I ran away from home:
I got in a fight and you were there:
I got dumped:
I pissed you off:

What Do You Think Of My...
Choice of music:

Would You...
Be my friend:
Tell me the truth no matter what:
Lie to make me feel better:
Spread rumors about me:
Keep a secret if I told you one:
Loan me some cash:
Hold my hand:
Take a bullet for me:
Keep in touch:
Try and solve my problems:
Love me:
makeout with me:
hold me in times of need:
Have sex with me:
Ditch me:
Use me:
Date me:
Rape me:
Beat me

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[Sat,♥Sep 25th,
Well firet thing i didi whe i woke up was mow the lawn,It stoped and i had to carry tehe big heavy gas thing over to it adn then i carried it back but wehen i started it again it stoped, So i got the oil,filled it,brought it back and started it again finished up the lawn and i went to go do the back and it stoped again i tryed to start it agian and it wouldnt turn on.So i gave up and when i went inside my mom had stuff just waiting there for me to do like te litter box and the trash and other crap.yeah what ever so and yway i tlka whit kathy last night for ever,i didnt do any thing expect play the sims that was fun.Yeah well Ashley spent the night at savannah's and they screened my phone call how rude.Buti odnt care i had a good nigfht alli needed to do was have some alone time and at home time.Man yesterday me and alison ate unch in teh hall way,sat next to teh water fountin,and like 3 teachers walked by and didnt care.i need new shoes man alli have are ones form 6th and 5th garde and some sandles.yeah well in gotta get back to work.

Hurricane something is coming the 4th one
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